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Tuesday, 05. May 2009:

Painted the wheel fork once again, front wheel ball-bearings cleaned

Crap! I was too impatient with let it dry - had to sand my fingerprints from the wheel fork and paint it once again.

Also cleaned the front wheel ball-bearings. Looks like new now.

Wednesday, 13. May 2009:

Ball-bearings from the Titanic

Rusty ball-bearing

No, this is not part of the Titanic but a C5 ball-bearing.

Keep myself busy with many little workings.
Derusted and cleaned some ball-bearings and small parts. Also cleaned the motor attachment.

I tried again to clean the body. The only way to get it back to bright white seems to be intensive scrubbing with sponges and toothbrushes.

I was thinking about how to build in the gear hub. There would be enough space if I move the electronics box.
Drawing: C5 with gear hub

Drawing: C5 with gear hub.

The plan is to drive the gear hub with one chain (red) and connect the gear hub and rear axle with another chain (green):
This certainly requires a sort of a dropout (blue) to be developed to attach the gear hub. But the main problem at present is to find a suitable sprocket which could be mounted on the gear hub.

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