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Friday, 29. May 2009:

Back to work!

Puky gear drilling

Puky gear meets Proxxon drill

After one week of mandatory break the Puky gear came back today from the lathe.

Of course I instantly drilled some holes into it to mount it on the gear box.
Intrinsically I intended to mount the gear with rivets. But unfortunately I can't reach the spots with the rivet gun.
Well, I guess I just have to screw this then.

Saturday, 30. May 2009:

Gear hub mounting

Spent today with assembling a mounting for the gear hub.
Gear hub

Todays achievement

It consist of 3mm aluminium plates, angle iron and a lot of screws.
To make it look more nice I spayed all with zinc spray again.

And while I was at it I also repainted the metal frame, which is located inside the C5 seat back.
Sanded metal frame

Sanded metal frame

This frame was totally rusty. But since I wasn't very eager to sand again I went to a car paintshop to sandblast it.
And was grumply rejected: "Nah! We do car parts only!".
Pah! It seems some people just don't want to earn money.
So finally I sanded the frame by myself again.

Sunday, 31. May 2009:

Chain and other things

I needed to make the gear hub mounting over today to adapt it to the distance between gear hub bevel and axle bevel.
Apart from that I also keept myself busy with this and that: sanded the chain tensioner and the steering bar and cleaned various metal parts.

Little by little things come to an end. The heaviest jobs are finished and soon I hope to start with reasembling the C5.

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