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Sometime back in the 80's my aunt won the C5 as a sweepstake prize. It wasn't of any use for her and so it was stored for a long time in a shed.
Finally my father brought it to my brother and me to play with. But due to constantly flat tires we rarely used it and so it actually always stood in our garage among other stuff.
After a move the C5 didn't get a new corner in the garage but had to hold out under a tarpaulin somewhere in the garden (I guess that most of the rust comes from this time) - and was forgotten there.

Sunday, 19. April 2009:

A new project

Visiting my parents. Belated Easter.
My kids find loads of sweeties. I find the C5 under its tarpaulin.
Immediately recognized the potential to become a new handicraft project.
Sinclair C5
Quick inspection:
Tires still nearly inflated but porose like cookies. Body pretty scratched, covered with dirt and moss. Chain and gear rusty and never contacted with oil or grease since decades.
Electronics looking good, motor rusty and dirty but existent at least. But battery missing.
Indication of former botch at the right real wheel and at the electronics.

Well, first of all cleaned the seat and just did a quick tour around the block.
Seems to work so far. Nothing chattering or jamming. Brakes also still working passably.
One can do something about it.

Full of enthusiasm talked with my brother -> result: he leaves me the C5!
He don't want to drive it anyway because all people would look curious and because it is unsafe to drive.
This means to me: a new project!

But first I have to get the C5 home to me (~6km). Would be the easiest way if I just drive it home. Thus inflated the tires, prayed for divine assistance and here we go!
Curious people watching me is something I can affirm so far. After all, such a thing is nothing you see all day.

The C5 doesn't have a gearshift. So I cannot archive higher velocity when driving downhill and I have to fight when driving uphill.
So this isn't all-too relaxed driving. Thinking about whether and how to assemble a gearshift.
C5 in my garage

Here it is. Ready to disassemble.

The chain bounced off on the way because the chain tensioner is broken. But no problem. I just put it back without getting dirty hands since the chain is totally dry.

Barely arrived at home - all tires are flat again.
Nice weather, so I first took hot water to arrange a big bike-washing in our garden.
Moss and some dirt washed away. But the rest seems to persist. Guess I will have to deal with this later.
But enough for today. Away with it into the garage.


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