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Saturday, 10. of October 2009:

I am Iron Man!

As mentioned before I purchased me an own welding apparatus.
And after some practice with scrap metal I finally went about a new gear hub mounting today:
The new mounting

The new mounting is made of steel sections

Thursday, 31. of December 2009:

Gear hub mounting finished

Oh my. Where to start with?
I must admit: it's been a long time since I wrote about the project status.
But meantime I managed to solve many problems and made progress with work.
To cut a long story short:
  • The new gear hub mounting is finished (finally!). Massive steel shapes, strong, stable and unfortunaltely also very weigthy.
  • The disc brake has been mounted and fitted barely in the remainig space.
  • To protect the disc from stone edges I attached a keel made of steel below it.
  • The control box had to replaced a bit above the previous location.
  • There are now 3 brakes: the disc brake on the left rear wheel, the front wheel brake and the drum brake on the rear right wheel. The last two are controlled by a common handle bar.

Disc brake and mounting

Disc brake and new gear hub mounting


Keel mad of steel - to protect the brake disc

Today I went about another problem: like I mentioned before, the gear transmission ratio with the intermediate gear hub wasn't right anymore. I had many gears to drive downhill but none for ascending routes.
rigged bevel

The small bevel welded on the bigger original bevel.
I guess there won't be any prices for this welding seams...

I searched all bicycle shops near and far and the internet for a suitable smaller bevel - but found none.
The problem is, that with all available - dam! someone knows the word for "Tretgarnitur" in English? -  that with all available bevels with pedals the distance between pedal and bevel is too small. If you use such a bevel-pedal-combination with the C5 the cain will rub against the C5 body.
Since I found nowhere a fitting bevel I made a do-it-yourself solution today: I welded a small bevel (30 teeth) on the original bevel.
Don't know if this will resist the forces during pedaling - but for now this solution is good enough for me.

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