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Sunday, 12. of July 2009:

I am frustrated!

On a beautiful Sunday I made a big test drive with the Sinclair C5 today.
Unfortunately I noticed thereby aplenty of little and bigger problems.

And to make matters worse the gear hub mountig deformed while I tried switching the gears:
Deformed mounting

Looks like 3mm aluminium isn't as strong as I expected...

Thursday, 23. of July 2009:

Puky is cannibalised again

Today I demounted the C5 again to remove the deformed gear hub mounting.
Thereby I noticed the small heap of junk in a corner of my shop wich was formerly the Puky childrens bike.
I took the angle grinder and look what we got here: maybe this could be a nice and strong new mounting...

But to do so it must be welded. Since I was thinking about attaching a disc brake to the rear axle which requires welding too, I'm now thinking about buying my own welding equipment.

I always wanted to have such a toy anyway...

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