Data sheet

Type / model Software engineer, electronics hobbyist, nerd, perfectionist, science fiction fan, artist and much more...
Variation male
Year of construction 1980
Place of manufacture Made in Germany, Freiburg
Follow-up model 3 instances of derived child classes
Intended purpose Functional safe embedded software for automation and medical engineering (CPMS), 17 years professional experience
Special subject Software requirements engineering (CPRE) and software architecture
Mother tongue C
Other supported languages C++, C#, Python, Assembler, Pascal, PHP, Java, ...
German, English, somewhat Italian and a little bit Dutch. And still learning Klingon...

What I do


When Where What
2007 - 2017 embeX GmbH, Freiburg Team leader, project manager and software developer for embedded systems in the fields of functional safety and medical engineering
since 2018 KLS Martin GmbH + Co. KG, Freiburg Software project responsible in the fields of HLM (heart-lung machine) and electrosurgery


When Where What
2006 - 2007 Vocational school Offenburg Training as state examined information technician
2004 - 2006 University of applied sciences Offenburg Electrical engineering / communications engineering studies
2002 - 2004 University of Freiburg Microsystems engineering studies